5 Quick Tips for taking care of your socks!

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It’s easy to lose socks or for them to be worn down very easily. This is why we think to invest in sturdier/ more quality socks that will last longer. But with that investment, it's important to take care of the items. 

 Caring for Socks

1) Wash your socks in a separate garment bag so that you will not lose them.

2) Turn the socks inside out when you laundry them. This practice is so that if there is any other lint producing garment in the same load as your socks, the lint will go to the inside of your socks verses the outside. Therefore, your socks can continue looking clean and vibrant in color.

3) Use gentle soap because for most sock types, because the lighter detergent will be softer on the fabric. And it is also a good idea to avoid fabric softeners and bleach. (1, Wigwam blog)

4) Keep your spring + summer socks separate from your fall + winter socks. When you are putting your socks away, lay them flat on top of one another to keep an admirable shape.

5) Caring for Wool is a breeze because it doesn’t need to be washed as frequently as plain cotton socks. They can be left out and laid flat to breathe. If you do wash them, it only needs to be washed in warm or cool water, turned inside out and with a light detergent. Nothing too heavy or strong.

Ginger socks from Socks by Chloe


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