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Dear readers, 

Do you need some fresh ideas about what to get your mom for Mother's day? Check out a couple of these pages from one of our gift guides! 

Bonne Maison grey socks

1) You can never go wrong with polka-dots.

perfect pair

2) How cute is the heart bag and lips crew combination?


Go pink!

3) If your Mom likes pink. We've got that covered! Check out some of the socks below and the product above for reference. 

b.ella pink socks

*photo taken by B.ella Socks

4) Remember how neon is super bright? Off-set it with a patterned print like this Cheetah-Pita bag. 

neon socks and cheetah bag combination

5) Is your mom a whimsical lady? The socks below will definitely make her happy! 

6) The 'glamping crew' sort of looks odd but in real life it's totally awesome! 

7) Another pink sock example. The 'pegasus crew' sock. 

with love, 

Socks by Chloe

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