Entropy of the Soul and what to do about it.

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Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with socks. Read at your own risk. 

Have you ever had an image stir you to take some sort of action in life? Something that leaps off the page and ignites something inside you? (I guess this is why we like Pinterest so much). From time to time, images “jump” off my social media screen and I can’t ignore them. It’s like they cut through all the clutter and busyness and they speak. It feels deeper than just an aesthetically pleasing flat-lay or perfectly designed bedroom. It’s something real and it’s something deeper than words. It’s something that is inviting me towards substance.

 This photo that says “pray”does that for me. In this image I see the beauty of nature and a life that is undistracted. I see that raw energy from the waves and a desire to reconnect with the silence and to the deeper sides of life. I feel the courage to speak with God because I know that he hears me and that he himself is the one inviting me to sink deeper. This photo inspires me to be simple and to lean in close to my spiritual life. To pause.

pray and ocean

 I love the ocean because it drowns out all the noises. The waves lap on the shore and you are fully absorbed in its atmosphere and beauty. I think that is the life we all want to live. Taken into something more beautiful and bigger than ourselves.

 Life can feel very disconnecting at times and you wonder how you got so frayed on the inside. Things are constantly becoming disordered. Think, entropy. Entropy is a measure of disorder, and the Second Law of Thermodynamics states that all closed systems tend to maximize entropy. Reversing this ever-increasing tendency in the universe toward disorder requires the input of energy. Energy from us.That's why housekeeping is so tiresome. Left on its own, your house would get dusty, spiders would move in, and eventually, it would fall apart. However, the energy put into preventing disorder in one place simultaneously increases it. So, what do we do?

If the universe itself is constantly moving towards disorder, how can we survive it? Where do we find that rest that comes to us that is deeper than a lazy Sunday afternoon? This is the part of the story where we hope we can learn some kind of solution to this problem.  

Put simply (or not so simply) it is God himself who can step into this maddening decay and bring us out alive. God gives us rest, yes. But, God himself is our rest. His presence fills our heart space and the energy inside us can teem with new life.We can be full. Full of rest. Restful. God-full. Ok, this sounds nice. 

 When I speak of "God filling us", I do not mean something cerebral. I don’t mean something emotional. I mean that it is something spiritual and substantive. It's something that has weight. That comes through spending time with God. Letting his presence into our lives. Giving him room. 

This is where the image "pray" comes back into the picture. I recall that it is God who is asking me to pause and to return to him because he has something good to give me. And no matter how many times I scroll through my Instagram feed or do x,y,z (insert whatever you do to find peace or find fulfillment), it will never be enough to sustain. 

This journey is always unfolding and it's an endless pursuit. God will always win you back to himself, no matter where you are or what you have done or didn't do. 

More on this soon, 

With love, Jodi Socks by Chloe


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