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We are just about to hit the weekend and man that feels good. I don't know about you but I am so thankful for the time-shift and it being lighter, later. I wanted to invite you to join my email list. I know that is forward, but I am doing it because I think you will be grateful for it. Basically, I am starting an 'insiders' program for Socks by Chloe. What does the 'insider' get exactly? Let's just say I will make it worth your while. You will have access to the styles and socks before it goes on my website and you will have the opportunity to pre-book your orders before supplies runs out. In addition, you will be given additional percentages off your total sales.

And, "Why, do I need these socks"? are you asking? Quality, design + comfort. Oh, and shopping local with someone you know, obviously!

Quality is probably the most important thing to me when it comes to purchasing clothing. What about you? There is nothing worst than ripped clothing, buttons coming off or uncomfortable fabric on your skin. So when I think about socks, I am keeping those things in mind, plus design and style. The material on our feet needs to be comfortable and feel good on our skin.

Have you ever wanted to be ahead of the game, just a little bit, when it comes to gift buying and holidays? This email list will give you the opportunity to buy for the people you love way before the holiday comes upon you. For example, Mother's day, graduation or Birthday presents, Christmas, etc. etc. 

Sign-up for my email list @socksbychloe, 


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Have an awesome weekend! 


 (Jodi is the owner of Socks by Chloe and she live in Somerville, MA where she works for the best credit union in the area, Community Credit Union.)




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