How to wear neon colors without looking like a highlighter.

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Let's wear neon-colors this spring. Deal?

It’s very fun to wear eye-catching bright colors. It’s even more fun to pull it off well and combine the right materials and colors together. 

Here are a couple of tips to do neon well!

1) Try to combine the neon colors with a muted or neutral color to offset it.

This can be with black, denim, white, beige, navy, or a darker green. 


fluorescent color guide for wearing neon colors


 woman holding neon tory burch bag she is wearing denim

 camo pants and neon sweater



2) Focus on “pops” of neon vs covering yourself head to toe.

Remember with neon, a little can go a long way. 


woman in city wearing neon socks

 fashion model wearing neon pops of yellow


     3) Have fun + let loose with print alongside the neon color.

    Pairing up certain patterns can have a wonderful effect. Try animal prints, florals or other shapes to compliment the bright neon color. 



       4) Find inspiration for neon pairings in other places. 

      Check out inspiration in nature, art, interior design and everyday life to help you dress your best. 




      5) Always check out the runway! 



      6) Try it for yourself! 

      The best way to learn is to try it out for yourself. 


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