Socks by Chloe; What to do when you’re not ‘fashionable’ + 14 tips that you can implement in your wardrobe now!  

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By: Jodi Dugan


 Listen, I get it. You stare at your clothing and it has just… “lost it’s spark.” You really don’t know how to put pieces together. You have ‘nothing to wear’ even though you have a closet full of clothes, some with the tags still on them.

 I have always been oblivious to how things work with “fashion”. Really. When I was younger, I just wore things that made me feel more like myself. This consisted mainly of graphic t-shirts and jeans. That staple style in my wardrobe made me go, “ahhhhhhhh”(that’s an exhale). However, I was pretty clueless about the other occasions in life outside of casual wear. Like the dreaded question, “what do I wear to work?” (Cue creepy murder music.)

Up until recently, I still wore thick mis-matched socks to work with my dress pants. (hey, they were at least the same color, but…sad). I never realized that you could wear dress socks and short nylons. When I finally figured THAT OUT, among other fashion tips, I shed 10 lbs of fashion-uncertainty. Through trial and error over the past several years, I have been flexing my “fashion muscle”.

Here is what I’ve learned!

Below are 14 suggestions that I have found stay consistent even through fashion trends and can mostly be implemented in every season.

Portrait of beautiful brunette woman in a black dress

1. Your denim will more than likely stretch! 

Saggy bottom. We’ve all been there. Don’t let this happen to you!

  1. Organize your closet. Get rid of things you haven’t worn in a year.

Nothing feels as good as de-cluttering. It’s sad to get rid of old clothing, but it’s worse to have piles of clothing that could be donated and put to good use. In addition, I read once that we only actually wear 20% of our total wardrobe. Just chuck it. You probably won’t even notice.

  1. Stripes are classy.

I have always spent $$ on stripes. Again, they are timeless and clean. If you are looking for a staple, stripes are awesome in all there forms.

  1. Jackets (Multi-use jean jacket/ blazer):

In addition, I really like olive green cargo type jackets or even a jean jackets because they can really pull an outfit together in a cinch. You’d be surprised how often you can wear something like this in almost every season.

  1. A little leopard goes a long way.

 I can get down with this 100%. Leopard prints are a perfect blend of sassy, classy and edgy. It can be the perfect accent or fun pop to whatever you are wearing.

  1. Mix your prints:

You can wear two prints that repeat the same colors or mix a large-scale pattern with a smaller one. (InStyle Magazine). I myself have never mixed print, but I love seeing people who nail it.

  1. May your accents be big + beautiful.

 If the majority of your outfit it pretty simple or has bland colors, this is your chance to whip out those big earrings that you’ve been wanting to wear or throw on that glittery jacket. Why the hell not?

  1. Overcome your fear of standing out:

I get it, most of us don’t want to make a lot of noise because it’s better to just go unnoticed. However, that thought could be holding you back in life. So often, when I get dressed I edit myself down too much. I’m realizing it’s mainly because I fear what people with think. This is dumb. Most of the time, people are thinking about themselves anyways! If you need and/or want to wear something loud, obnoxious or very colorful, do it.

9.“The little black dress”:

I mean this in more ways than one. Have multiple/ multi-purpose black dresses. Casual, work, and formal/out. If you can somehow find a dress that can be made into all three, you must grab it and never let it go.

  1. White button-down anything is good.

Timeless, classy, easy and versatile people! Layering with a white button-down with said Jacket from #4 can be fun and easy.

  1. Stretch Jeans are queen.

Most of us have felt the dismay of our favorite jeans becoming too tight. Ignore this problem by buying jeans that have a little give in them.

  1. Scarves can say a lot without a lot of work.

 Fun pops of color be it neon or some other patterned scarf can be an awesome accent + comfortable too.

  1. Own one pair of black leggings/jeans. 

These are easy to style. Just add a colorful top, graphic-tee with a jacket from #4 and you are good to go.

  1. Flats are nice. 

I like to wear pointy flats because they elongate my legs. But choose a pair that you really like. Perhaps a neutral leather shoe.


I’d love to hear your tips and things that “work” for you?! Comment below. We gotta help each other out!



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