7 different socks styles and how you can wear them!

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 Ah, socks. Who would have thought that they would be or could be, such an integral part of one’s outfit? If you are anything like me, my fashion sense took a lonnnng time to develop. Pinterest outfits scare me. How do they look so good? I definitely don’t even feel like I have arrived. I am no stylist, that is for sure, but I do enjoy some of the trends that have come out in the last couple of years. In addition, there is nothing better than a quality sock that is paired well with the right kind of shoe.

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 As I’ve been finding and scoping out the sock world for Socks by Chloe, I have been even more convinced at how socks can truly upgrade the look and feel of your outfit AND can also convey that you are one who wants to take fashion risks. If you are anything like me, I like to keep most of my wardrobe pretty simple and I tend to lean towards basic colors. Socks can offer that “pop” that you are looking for in addition to other accessories. In the past, I have worn socks so that they would not be seen by others. Mainly because I rarely ever matched my socks! However, more than ever, I find that socks should be incorporated into the entire outfit and if possible should be shown off.


 There are so many quality and powerful brands in the sock industry. My goal is to find them, introduce them to you, offer you guides on how to dress with them and ultimately sell them to the people looking to ‘upgrade’ their daily look! I think that today, we live in a crisis in clothing and wardrobe. More often than not, we settle for poor design, cheap products and low prices. I am not against bargain shopping or even saving money. (I work at a bank for my day job.) But I am more concerned with quality and choosing things that truly last. Not always, but sometimes, socks have this funny way of sticking with us for long amounts of time. Yesterday I was rummaging through my drawers to find a pair of socks gifted to me about 5 years ago. These thick wool socks remind me of that time in my life and I will always try to keep them! Socks are funny like that. I am sure you have a similar story of at least one pair of your socks. 

 But anyways, let’s get to the point already! You may be curious about the different styles of socks out there! I hope this is an informative and clarifying guide that will help you the next time you are shopping for socks. I also hope that in it, you find the inspiration to take your sock and fashion game to the next level. 




With love, 

Jodi (Owner of Socks by Chloe)

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