Hamimi Design - Moroccan



Hamimi offers a fresh take on Moroccan design, capturing the country’s exotic culture and honouring traditional craftsmanship. 

Hamimi is a boutique brother and sister brand, with Alex based in Brisbane and Rebecca on the ground in Marrakech, where she oversees the team of skilled local artisans that bring our designs to life. 




Daily life in Marrakech provides an endless source of creative inspiration – it’s a place where you can have one foot in the very distant past and the other seemingly in the future. Our designs embrace the old and the new, combining traditional materials and techniques with a contemporary sensibility.

Our designs begin with a spark of inspiration and then develop with sketch pad, pencil, paint palate, material swatches and coffee at hand. We appreciate texture and are not afraid of using colour. We favour the use of natural materials and simple shapes. We like to mix old and new, traditional and modern to produce items of contemporary yet timeless appeal.