Our Philosophy



More Than Socks

The Sock Philosophy is about staying present, staying aware, and always being in a posture of learning new things and being changed by what you have learned. Learning from our experiences, one another, our similarities and differences, our travels, our conversations with friends, with foes, and with ourselves. And though some of our socks are high-quality and even fancy, we value more what's on the inside of a person versus what's on the outside.

The Sock Philosophy is all about the journey, the process, the stops along the way. How did we get here and where will we end up? And although the moments of feeling like you have "arrived" are comforting, we know that they are brief and what lies before you is an endless invitation, another chance to grow, change, and become even closer to the real person you are meant to be. And so with Socrates we agree, "An unexamined life is not worth living."

We hope that you find yourself within these socks. In their unique designs, their personalities, and nuances and that they become a part of you and your story.