The best women's socks, which sock is for you?

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Hello there, thanks for stopping by! With so many sock brands out there, it can be hard to decide where to shop and which brands to buy from. This is why I have complied a list of my favorites and a little bit of information about them. One thing with some of these brands is that some of them make Fall/Winter and Spring/Summer collections.

This sort of means that if you really like something, buy it, because it may not be available, like ever again. Once in a while popular designs re-surfaces, but you never quite know when it's going to happen. 

This honestly adds to the fun of shopping. I know some of you have stopped by a couple of times, so I wanted to give you a run down of the brands and hopefully one of them will speak your lingo. 


1) Hansel from Basel brand: (From L.A., California)

This brand is quirky and fun with designs you'd never see anywhere else. They also make quality socks with great materials. Hansel from Basel does many different outside of the box sock designs and also collaborates with people like Rachel Comey and Madewell. These socks are my personal favorite because they are always surprising me with unique designs. Shop now! 

2) Bonne Maison: (From France) 

The artistry in these socks are to-die-for. Most of these socks are 98% cotton and are relatively thin, which helps when you are wearing them with most shoes. They also have fun and surprising designs, and when you get up close... it will literally knock your socks off. (hehe). They design in 'collections' and find and source inspiration from many different places.  Shop now! 

3) Swedish Stocking Company: (From Sweden) 

If eco-fashion gets you going, this brand is your perfect fit. The majority of their socks and tights are up to 92% recycled material! They also have a nice 'edgy' look with the fishnets and blue socks. However, the quality is also on point. Shop now! 

4) Genevieve Sweeney: (From Britain) 

Genevieve Sweeney first opened in 2015. If you are looking for "cozy socks" and designer socks. This is your best bet. These socks are made from lambs wool and linen and are designed in and made in the U.K.

These are also unisex, so grab a pair for your BF or husband. He won't forget it! Shop Now. 

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