Sock of the week: "Blush Rie Crew"

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Hello! C'mon spring! It's an overcast Saturday here in Boston, MA, so I wanted to share with you some new socks that we have in the store this week. Each week, you can expect an update like this one to get information on new socks at Sock by Chloe, and to also get some fun styling tips.

This sock (The Blush Rie Crew) was created by the designer, Hannah Byun. 

"Hannah Byun created Hansel from Basel in 2007 as a way to apply a sense of much-needed zest to everyday leg wear.
Originally inspired by Hannah’s childhood nickname (“Hansel”) and her fascination with Switzerland (therefore “from Basel”), the collection is forever and always finding inspiration in every nook and cranny of life, from the mundane to the magical. 
A great deal of attention, care and most of all, pride, make our spirited socks, tights and accessories not only feel so very special, but encourage us to always continue evolving."

When researching quality and fun socks, I came across Hansel from Basel and immediately admired the fun and zany socks that were in their store. I feel like sock fashion is probably the lowest on the fashion totem poll, but when seeing these socks I gravitated to them! They take what is somewhat ordinary and make it fun and extra special. This is a tame design compared to some of the socks that will come your way in the coming weeks! So whether you are looking for a style upgrade or your just interested to see what's next, make sure to sign up for email updates. 

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